TINY TWIN BEARS' arrange Flowers

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"TINY TWIN BEARS" official app! the most popular for kids!
The 2nd series has already become a cute bouquet!
You can meet not only the cute tiny twin sisters Lulu and Lolo but also twin
brothers Paku and Pelo as well!

An Intellectual Education app for girls!
Lets select and arrange your favorite flowers to make your original bouquet flowers!

■Who can enjoy this app?■
Children aged between 3 to 6.
Children can enjoy this app more with parents.

This app contains no letters, no description. Children can use this app intuitively and learn how to use this app naturally by discovering the game rules with its sound and picture by themselves.

1. Choose bouquet or basket
2. Choose a wrapping paper / a basket you like.
3. Choose a ribbon that suits the selected wrapping paper or basket.
4. Pick your favorite flowers, fruit and leaves.
Tap the flower, fruit, or leaf icon to display list of plants at the top of the screen.
From the list, you can drag and drop a plant where you want to place in the bouquet/basket.
When you add more than a certain number of plants, an arrow will appear and lead you to the next stage.
5. Decorate your bouquet or basket.
You can add stamp.
6. Save the flowers.
You can save arranged flowers as a picture. You can send the flowers to your family and friends.

■Tips and Rules■
If you want to remove a plant from your bouquet or basket, you can drag and drop the flower to the area outside the bouquet or basket.
If you drag one flower over another flower, you can swap the positions of the flowers.
Double-tap the stamp to remove them.

■Especially recommended for■
- children who love flowers
- kids who love paintings and drawings
- those who want to give special presents
- parents wanting to fill kids attention in the queue or in transport.
- family members wanting to have a great time together.
How much you enjoy this app depends on you.

LULU & LOLO -- TINY TWIN BEARS is a popular and famous TV animation program based on the best-selling picture book the bears school. The main characters are called Lulu and Lolo. They are twin girl bears; the orange bear is Lulu and the yellow one is Lolo.
It is a heart-warming family story with Lulu and Lolo trying new tasks every day such as shopping and cleaning.

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